Ghost Blog can't load images with Russian IP

Hi all!

Today I noticed that two of my Ghost publications can’t load images at all or show them incorrectly only when I visit the publications from my current location - Russia, regardless of the browser I use (Chrome, Safari (iOS and desktop), Firefox and Tor). Applies to both feature images and within the text body. Ghost Forum is also unavailable to visit with the Russian IP.

At first I thought there was something wrong with the images I used for posts, but then I visited the publications with VPNs (German, Swedish, USA and Netherlands) and there was nothing wrong with the images - all looked well.

Is this a permanent Ghost bug or is there something that I should do to make images to be shown correctly in my location again?

The publications are Qoob Blog and Combin Blog.

Ghost * Version 4.2.1.

Thanks in advance!

Have you considered that this might be a server level ban? Sometimes, hosts block Russian IP’s because, well, we all know how much hacking and spam comes from Russian IP’s. There’s no feature within Ghost to block IP addresses, this is more like a firewall thing which would be server sided.

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Yes, I thought so too. The issue seems to be solved now though. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: