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Hi there!
I’m the owner of an amazon discount community that uses amazon affiliation to make some money, and, recently, I was thinking about starting to share this on the web as well. Counting on my project being on the books with Ghost, I’m taking the opportunity to write this post to ask a few questions and clear up some doubts I’ve had.

  1. Using Ghost, is it possible to have full control over the style of the website (like owning the site folder with all the files) or is the only way to manage the website is to buy a theme? Possibly, is it possible to create a custom theme?

  2. Doing Affiliate Marketing is a job that requires a lot of visibility of the pages by the users: is it possible, through the right search criteria of the user, to make a specific page appear in the google page within the site?

  3. Being an Italian citizen (therefore, I am marked as resident in Italy), is it possible to make the site appear in searches coming from other parts of the world? (the site will be written in English, obviously)

  4. Is it possible to find a dedicated page that tells all the pros and cons of using Ghost? If not, would it be possible to list them here? Possibly focus on the visibility of the site via search.

  5. Do Ghost’s plans depend on registered users or site visitors?

Speaking, instead, of Ghost security:

  1. What types of protections against external attacks does Ghost employ?

  2. Why should I choose Ghost over other services?

Thank you very much and have a nice day/evening everyone! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey Luca, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Most of this information can be surfaced by browsing the marketing website Ghost.org - the search function should lead you to what you need to find. You can also take Ghost for a spin with a 14-day trial to try the software for yourself.

In particular I think you’ll want to check out:

  • The theme docs (yes, Ghost themes are fully customizable)
  • The comparison pages to see how Ghost compares to other tools
  • The pricing page, which explains all available plans, and whats included.
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