Ghost CMS + GatsbyJS: How to change theme?

I have a local dev instance of Ghost and Gatsby JS working well. I followed this starter:

In Ghost if I make a content change (eg - new page/page edit/blog edit) all content changes are published correctly through to GatsbyJS.

If I change the Theme within Ghost however the theme change is not pushed to GatsbyJS, even after a server restart of GatsbyJS (and Ghost for good measure).

Should a Theme change in Ghost be published to GatsbyJS or do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of what what Ghost can do to GatsbyJS.

(outside the scope of this question, Gatsby JS is deploying to Netlify via webhooks. This is working well for content changes but not theme changes)

When you use a Static Site Generator like Gatsby you are opting out of using the internal Ghost theming layer. There’s some more explanation here:

Thanks for the answer DavidDarnes, makes sense - and yes I am using Netlify too.

So if I have to deploy to Netlify, then I should just use GatsbyJS for theme and just use Ghost CMS for content. Now to learn about GatsbyJS themes…

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If you are looking for a complete port of the default Ghost Casper v3 theme, I have good news for you as I have just completed this exercise:


Other themes could be ported into this project too as it replicates most of the handlebars frontend functionality. Let me know, if you have needs for that.

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i need a template converted to gatsby. can you help with that?