Ghost Contact Form Page

Ghost with handlebars isn’t Jamstack right? So why do I need an external service to create a contact form page?

why do I need an external service to create a contact form page?

You don’t, but you will need to code something if you don’t want to use an external service. This topic has been discussed previously, and I think the Ghost team’s position is that building a contact form into the CMS as a feature is unnecessary given the number of options already available (some of which are free and involve no coding). Formspree, for example, has a free tier. If you scroll down that page I’ve linked to, you should see a section with the title, “Free Forever”.

Thanks. Anyway, can I ask you 2 more questions?

  1. Can my customers subscribe to a 10 euro tier but in the middle of the month, for example, change the tier to another tier (for example, a 20 euro tier?) Or do they have to cancel the subscription first? How does it work?

  2. Is it possible to make the posts visible only to the “paid (and according to the tier) members”, but only for a few hours or 1 day, automatically? Or the only way is to change the settings of that post manually and change to “visible to all members”?

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