How to Make a Contact Form?

Hello. I want to add a contact form to my site. Is there a simple way I can do this?

An option is to use one of the integrations listed here: Ghost integrations – official apps, plugins & tools

I’ve had good success with Official Ghost + Formspree Integration

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i love u RyanF, thank u :slight_smile:

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I use Google Forms, it’s free and simple. One downside is that it doesn’t offer many customization options.

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Nice site man. What are your average Adsense earnings? :smiley:


Not enough! I make more with the affiliate programs associated with the companies in my niche. Almost everyone uses an adblocker nowadays, and I don’t blame them.

It is very difficult to make a profit in these times. I hope I can be as successful as you, my friend. I wish you success!

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