Ghost > contentful

I created a blog a long time ago in ghost, which is great, but the site is more than a blog. Everything BUT the blog is in Middleman with content that changes often in Contentful. Going forward, I want the blog in Contentful to just keep everything in one place.

I found an old repo that would transfer content from ghost > contentful, but that repo is unmaintained and no longer works.

Ghost allows you to export json, but all your posts are put into one huge json file which is too big to even view (in Atom). I have some options:

  1. I can use ghost content api to pull in ghost content. I’m not a js expert, but I’ve gotten it to kind of work.
    document.getElementById('posts').innerHTML = '<li>' + post.title + '</li>';
    However, just thinking about paginating and indexing this makes me want to vomit.
  2. I can somehow port all content from ghost to contentful (not sure how).
  3. I can somehow split this huge json file to several and then use them as local data
  4. I can export all posts as individual json files (preferred)

Does anyone have experience with this? Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

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