GHOST - Deciding YES or NO whether to choose it

I am deciding between GHOST, WORDPRESS or WIX for a blog and
probably later for website/CMS and would need some basic information.

-In which direction will Ghost very probably go? Could it be extendable and still simple like WIX? Would plugins be very expensive?

-How likely is Ghost going to be able to become like a CMS and approximatelly (and realistically) when? I don’t want to build it till a point and then get stuck forever.

-Could GHOST blog be (easilly) converted to Wordpress? Is there any automated service to do this already? Are there freelancers that do this for a low price?

-I cannot seem to find freelancers for GHOST install, could you recommend some?
Has GHOST 1click installation been removed from SOFTACULOUS?

-Self-hosted GHOST will always be free?

-Ghost is very simple to use (like WIX) for a complete newbye?

-Ghost has COMMENTS and webform(s) with no spam even without CAPTCHKA (like AKISMET at WP)?

-Where could I see videos (that are not on Youtube already) of Ghost and it’s possibilities?

You can try Ghost for yourself for free, 14 days, here:

Since Ghost is an open source project it will most probably be free for those who whish to download it and use it on their own.

You can always have a blog on Ghost and a website on WordPress if you choose so (so you have that flexibility).

From the looks of it, Ghost is moving toward becoming a publishing focused CMS, but it is hard to say when that will happen.

Currently, Ghost doesn’t have its own comments function nor its own captcha protected forms, but these can be implemented via third parties (i.e. disqus or typeform).

For all the other questions, I think you can safely try Google search.

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Thank you. Can this be done technically somehow?

There are multiple ways to do it, but the easiest way, in my opinion, is to use a different subdomain for your blog, i.e. and and link the with a custom link from your website.

I cannot find freelancers for manual GHOST install, could you recommend some?

Has GHOST 1click installation been removed from SOFTACULOUS in CPANEL?

Ghost has never been supported for softaculous - they did their own thing which didn’t follow the recommendation of Ghost. Support was fully dropped with the release of 1.0 since there were some pretty big changes made

I could help with manual Ghost installation, but I need to know your hosting environment to see if it works to install there or not (not all hosting packages support ghost, ideally you need a VPS where you can install node.js, seeing you have cpanel means you might have a shared hosting package).

You can also try this: Ghost | DigitalOcean Marketplace 1-Click App.

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