Why I choose Ghost over WordPress in 2023

I spent a lot of time thinking and comparing Ghost with WordPress for my site.

In the end, I choose Ghost, here is why:

So far, I’ve no regrets :)


Awesome Post!
I’m thinking of switching myself, and have been since Ghost 4.0 was released. Now I’ve just moved over from self-hosting WP on a VPS that kept crashing to WP.com. I’t ok, but I hate the lack of features they have now on the free plan. It used to be so much better. Also I agree with you on the performance, it’s so slow on WP, especially on WP.com.

The thing that makes me happier about Ghost is the content collections. With a few tweaks I can finally merge all of my WP blogs and write in one single place, instead of keeping check and update a gazillion different blogs. I’m playing around like crazy now, and as soon as I’ve figured out how to host it without paying an arm and a leg each month, I’ll move platforms most likely.

Thank you for an inspiring post!

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I love your post. I’m trying out Ghost to see how I can best move my existing WordPress site over to Ghost.

Can I please ask you how you created the Table of Contents. I love what you have done with your post. Would you please share how you did it?

Thanks in advance!

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@aquasp, We wholeheartedly concur with your sentiments, as we have been completely committed to Ghost since 2020, which is why we’re so passionate about it.

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It’s pretty easy! I just followed this guide: How to add a table of contents to your Ghost site

@aquasp Thanks for your comment. I have looked at the tutorial and also contacted @Ghost support.

Unfortunately, I cannot access the theme file and so I can’t make these changes. I was hoping there was a code I could insert in the Code Injection section in the Dashboard.

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I find both platforms have their pros and cons. For me, WordPress is far more flexible yet Ghost is superior when it comes to publishing. I use both, best of both worlds.


Ohh man, are you on ghost.org on the plan that you can’t upload your own theme?

In my case, I did download casper and edited the files myself in order to upload the theme into my Ghost site.

It’s not recommended to edit casper directly on its files because it is a part of Ghost, so it will be overwritten as soon as Ghost updates.

I wrote an article about creating a table of contents with code injection here: Simple way to create a table of contents for ghost articles

Hi @cuongtran

Thanks for this. I tried your method but it did not display anything, expect “Content:”. And so, I adapted @ denvergeeks and made it work.

Is there any way to get the Table of Contents sticky and floating on the left side of the article (after the feature image) on Casper theme?

Thank you :pray:t2: