Ghost Deployment to Azure App Service (Admin Missing)


Hi All,
I am working on publishing my blog I am using Ghost Blog version 2.4.0 forked to N3rd007/Ghost. I am leveraging for dev ops, and GitHub as a repository. I have been able to deploy Ghost from my Azure branch, triggered by changes to my branch, however when I try to hit the admin console I get the following error: --> 404 No default engine was specified and no extension was provided.

I am doing the following in my Azure-Pipeline:

  • install Yarn
  • install Grunt
  • Yarn install
  • npm install (not needed will be reviewed)

The results of this is deployed directly to Azure App Service. The site renders great, but can’t figure out how to get the Admin console to build and deploy too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don’t mind if I have to build and deploy the Ghost-Admin separately, but if that is the case, please let me know where to deploy it. I didn’t see that at the repo documentation.

Thanks for any guidance or help in advance.

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Are there instructions for how I can build the Ghost-Admin and deploy it with Ghost?


It sounds like you’re trying to install from source and you might be missing a couple of commands, so you’ll probably want to check out the guide for that here:


Thanks John. Yes I am trying to run ghost as a first class citizen in a PaaS service in Azure, and then stick it behind our CDN. With Azure App Services however using the ghost-cli not an option currently. I have made the request to have that added to our stack, however that can take a long time, so my only option was to fork, and then create the pipeline for dev ops to put it all back together. Thank you, I will review what you linked and try to figure out where I took a left instead of a right.


Hi John,
This is the doc that I used to get where I am. I have both repos forked. The documentation however has a confusing point (for a newbie). in the “Run setup & installation” steps… yarn setup… do I run this on the Ghost repo, the Ghost-Admin repo or both?

Once I build Ghost-Admin which lives as a sibling (side by side in the same directory; Ghost, and Ghost-Admin). I am trying to figure out what files do I move once built from Ghost-Admin to my Ghost folder structure?


All commands are run in the root directory unless otherwise indicated. ghost setup is what builds admin files for the first time. Ghost Admin does not live alongside the parent directory, it lives inside /core/client as indicated from the parent repository.

If that’s incompatible with what you’re trying to do, then you’ll need to look for help in the Azure community or for an Azure specific guide like this one which might have more suggestions.

Generally though, the more complex your setup and the further away it is from our recommended stack, the more fragile and difficult it will be to maintain over time :slight_smile:


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