Ghost email settings without www subdomain


I use Ghost and its member area.

I would like the email to be sent without the www subdomain.

It give me an error when I publish an article…


Is there a configuration to touch?
I don’t want to lose the subdomain for the blog URL, however.


Hi Maxence! Unfortunately (to the best of my knowledge) that’s not possible – the email has to send from the main blog URL, so you’d have to make your root domain (without www) the main one for your site in order to use it for the email address.

What URL did you configure in your mailgun account?
Generally it’s recommended to use a dedicated subdomain for email sending (for example): .
Check out

If you insert the proper domain in the mailgun setting in ghost admin along with the Private API key, to be found at:

It should work. :slight_smile:

If i misunderstood you, and you’re just wondering about the subdomain.
I would encourage you to change your ghost url and implement a permanent 301 redirect with your DNS Service.
That way your visitors could still reach you over www