Ghost+Gatsby : Use case?

Hi Guys,

I must miss something (:thinking:) but what are the benefits to use Ghost + Gatsby ? (“except security”)

You have to :
-Install, maintain Gatsby
-Install, maintain Ghost
-Storagex2 (media files) -> Gatsby Build

Ghost is so blazing fast and simple to use that I’m curious to know in which scenarios it could be more interesting to use this feature.

Thx for your feedbacks

Hi there :wave:. You make a good point, why use another tool when Ghost does it all on it’s own? And yes, adding another moving part to the stack does add more complexity. The benefits lie in the aforementioned “stack”, and more specifically how developers can benefits from it.

Using something like Gatsby puts your web development stack in the JAMstack space. The benefits of JAMstack is that you can create a fast static site while still getting all the CMS form of editing and control you get when you source content from an API, such as the Ghost Content API.

It’s not to everyone’s taste. Think of it more as a way to get more control. With more control you can tweak dials, improve speed, improve presentation. The drawback is more moving parts and maintenance. I’m not going to try and sell the concept to you, because it’s just and option not an improvement. We want to give people the control they need over their site. Using the Content API with something like Gatsby is just one way :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this explains things a bit more. You might also benefit from checking out these resources too:



Thanks for this explanation, I was interested too.
Are you planning to implement the new features you’ve implemented and future ones in your Gatsby demo? Or will you let us users develop them using your APIs?


Thank you so much for this complete answer :ok_hand:.
I will have a look to these articles.

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I’m not sure what you mean but if you mean keeping our Gatsby starter up to date with our API then yes we will be! We want to make the starter approachable by anyone though, we want it to be a great starting point for people and something people can dig into with ease. So we may not expose every single piece of data from the API, however we do have the entirety of the API documented on our site:

I’m sorry, I certainly wasn’t very clear.

I would like to know if you are going to implement the new features like “Members” on the Gatsby version, as you did with Lyra.

I’m trying to implement “Members” on gatsby without much success atm.

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Also looking forward to getting "Members"on gatsby. :raised_hands:

Any timeline for when this will be available @DavidDarnes?

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To quote John in another thread: