Pros and cons of using Ghost as CMS from Gatsby/Nextjs


I am a newbie trying to decide if I should use Ghost directly or as headless CMS from Gatsby.

I think I understand the pros of using it from Gatsby:

All advantages of static site, “blazing fast” site, low hosting requirements…
Easy setting of PWA

But… what are the drawbacks? What Ghost features will I miss?

Is it possible to set a ghost membership site from Gatsby?? I dont see how it would work…
For scheduled publications I guess it would need a little extra effort…

Perhaps I can start my blog with Gatsby and Ghost as CMS and if at some point I feel I need more of the ghost features I can switch to a full Ghost site. What do you think?

I was wondering about the same thing as you. If i recall correctly, there is some media management that you are going to miss.

Since we already have a table comparing the pros and cons about using Ghost vs Wordpress or other platforms, it would be very useful to have one about this subject.