Ghost_head adds "(Page 1)" to the meta data

Dear Ghost community,

I’m taking care of our Blog: Netilion Blog
I’m running Ghost 4.2.0

I made the Blog multilingual according to the Ghost documentation I tweaked it to a multi-language Blog. We’ve also added a Infinite scroll so that we don’t have pages to navigate.

Everything works fine but the only problem I have is that the meta data (title, og:title and twitter:title) adds a “(Page 1)” to them.
Example: Netilion Blog
You will find:

I’ve tried to overwrite the meta data in the general settings of Ghost, but this “(Page 1)” won’t go away. I’ve tried to overwrite it with javascript, but of course this has no SEO purpose since the js isn’t loaded for just sharing a link on Facebook or Twitter.

ghost_ head is nowhere accessible locally, or really hidden cause I can’t find it.

Any idea how to edit the meta data and get rid of this “(Page 1)” ?


This solution might work using the block helper.



Replace it with:

<title>{{{block 'title'}}}</title>

Then, in your index.hbs file, add:

{{#contentFor 'title'}}{{t 'Blog' }}{{/contentFor}}

On other files, tags.hbs, author.hbs, post.hbs, page.hbs, add:

{{#contentFor 'title'}}{{ meta_title }}{{/contentFor}}
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Thanks for the answer, that solves the problem of the title which is already good, but the main problem with the meta data og:title and twitter:title remains.

< meta name=“twitter:title” content=“Netilion Blog (Page 1)”>

And I find no way to influence them.

The <meta/> element is part of the ghost_head helper, and I’m not sure there is a core helper/way to override it.

A solution would be using the same concept as above and adding another meta element to override it.

Under the {{ ghost_head }} line.

{{{block 'twitter_title'}}}

And the following on the index page.

{{#contentFor 'twitter_title'}}
<meta name="twitter:title" content="Netilion Blog">

Thanks for the suggestion, I see the idea, I’ve tried it as suggested but it won’t change the meta name content. It remains “Netilion Blog (Page 1)”
I think it’s maybe a formatting issue?

It won’t replace the original meta line but will add another underneath.

<meta name=“twitter:title” content=“Netilion Blog (Page 1)”>


<meta name="twitter:title" content="Netilion Blog">

I think the last one should influence and override the first. Try and see how the output will be like.

That’s right I didn’t see it. Thank you for you awesome support :slight_smile:
It works for me I’m happy now.

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