How to edit {{ghost_head}}

Hello, Every time I install ghost I am disturbed to properly set my SEO (only for the homepage beause we can’t edit meta_title and meta_description in the admin section).

That’s why I would like to understand how to edit {{ghost_head}}.

In order to edit the meta_title i can do something like this in default.hbs :
{{#is “home”}}
{{@site.title}} //or another

But I can’t access to the metadescription in the theme. I need access to {{ghost_head}}.

Thanks !

@Doubrovski the meta description as well as the twitter/facebook card details for the homepage can be set in the General Settings screen. Look for the “Site Meta Settings” section.

I don’t know if it’s new ? That’s what I wanted for a long time. Ghost is really perfect now: p
Thank you very much