Ghost install local command broken

So I can run ghost install local or ghost install 1.23.1 but I can’t locally install a specific version? Latest version is fucked. I need 1.23.1 for my local development. If I try to install specific version for local development its either detected as an errenous operand or production – worse yet it complains there’s a version of ghost installed. Why doesn’t it just download and install to ./versions if it detects an existing install?

Anyway I manually added 1.23.1 and changed the current symlink. Now ghost ls no instances are listed because I manually setup the files and do not know what files are created/moved/modified in the ~/.ghost-cli directory to reflect the manual changing of versions. The ghost run and ghost stop commands still work, just not ghost ls

Nevermind just modify ~/.ghost/config & $CWD/.ghost-cli using these skeletons respectively.

  "instances": {
    "ghost-local-1": {
      "cwd": "/path/to/ghost"

Must change ghost-cli file to reflect the version you manually changed to

  "cli-version": "1.8.1",
  "active-version": "1.23.1",
  "name": "ghost-local-1",
  "running": "development"

Kind of an edge case I guess but still would have saved me like 5 minutes of head scratching.

but I can’t locally install a specific version?

You can.

ghost install 1.23.1 --local

It’s a combination of both arguments in our documentation. I’ll put this as an example.

Latest version is fucked

Latest version is 1.24.1. Did you experience any problems with it? If yes, please raise a new topic in the forum. Thanks :+1:

Ah its in website docs but not in manpages i.e. man ghost or ghost --help that’s where I got confused. Pl0zcxzx update ghost-cli help/manpages to reflect that. Thank you. As for the bug, there’s already been a report submitted.

I appreciate you Kate <3

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