How to charge for content based on specific tags

Hello Ghost users,

I’ve recently found myself in a bit of a pickle. I am wondering if anyone can shine some light on this issue given your experience with the platform. Just as a sidenote, I’ve been using Ghost for a few months but I have approximately zero experience with coding.

First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Bruno, I am a college-level teacher and creator of a Calculus Youtube channel (called Curso de Cálculo, or calculus course in English).

After gaining some traction on Youtube I am now posting all my material and videos on the website I wish to block a good portion of the content behind a paywall, the paywall Ghost offers.

The pickle: Calculus is a huge subject, there are roughly 50 modules in the whole subject (intro to derivatives, the chain rule, improper integrals, and more). I haven’t finished creating all the modules (it will take another 6 to 10 months), but I would like to start monetizing the website. Instead of charging, for example, $10 for monthly access to the whole website, I could charge $2 per module. That would allow me to monetize the website as I go/as I continue producing the remaining of the content.

Has anyone done that? Is this possible? Could a “product” be related to a particular tag (for example, buyers of the chain rule module could view all chain rule content)?

Any advice/tip is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Before I answer your concern, I would like to let everyone know to please, please check the integrations Ghost Team worked hard on implementing.

Okay. There are a number of ways you can do this, using inetegrations:

Here’s another:

And the solution I recommend for you:

Now I do wish there was a one-time support option already designed within Ghost, but there is not. However, there is a way to support this functionality if you are good with code. I do not know if they are working on a one-time support or support-per-post model with Members, but I believe what’s available now is just fine seeing how you can extend Ghost (open source, API, etc.).