Ghost: Japanese language website

Hi. I am writing to inquire about the language capabilities of the Ghost web platform. Specifically, I would like to know if Ghost supports the display of Japanese language content.

I am currently working on a project that involves creating a website with Japanese content. It is essential for our platform to properly display and handle Japanese text, including characters, fonts, and any necessary language-specific features.

Could you please confirm if Ghost fully supports the display of Japanese language content? Additionally, if there are any considerations or configurations that need to be taken into account when using Ghost for Japanese content, I would greatly appreciate any guidance or documentation you can provide.

Ghost can support all language content, but you need to

  1. Change the font to support Japanese characters, like Google font Noto Sans Japanese
  2. In case your language is RTL, you’ll have to find the ghost theme supports RTL like all themes from

I couldn’t find a Japanese site, but here’s a Chinese one that you can use as a reference.

Thanks a million for your response Cuongtran - much appreciated.