Ghost Localization - user switch


Is there a way to allow the user switch their language/localization preference? So far the only option I see to change the sites language is in the admin panel?

I’d like to let the user pick this or use geo-location to auto pick the users preferred language.

Before I go down the hacky route, I wanted to see if anything like this existed?



I am also wondering if this is possible, i want to dynamically switch language by clicking a button lets say.
I can change the html lang tag and store the locale value in localstorage but nothing happens when i reload the page, its not translated.


Any luck on this?


meh nothing, i wonder if i used gatsby with ghost APi, would i be able to translate the “posts” easily.
not sure whats the point of current ghost i18 anyway.
so if my ENG customer comes what should i do, maybe tell him: oh wait a second so i switch my language in admin panel so you can view the site, and then do the same for other country.
they have like thousands and thousands of lines of code and i still cant send contact email easily kek

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