Ghost on Centos 7 with mariadb

I’m trying to install ghost on my server with Centos 7 and mariadb, but i get error:

-bash-4.2$ ghost install
:heavy_check_mark: Checking system Node.js version
:heavy_check_mark: Checking logged in user
:heavy_multiplication_x: Checking current folder permissions
System checks failed with message: ‘Linux version is not Ubuntu 16 or 18’
Some features of Ghost-CLI may not work without additional configuration.
For local installs we recommend using ghost install local instead.
? Continue anyway? Yes
:information_source: Checking operating system compatibility [skipped]
Local MySQL install not found. You can ignore this if you are using a remote MySQL host.
Alternatively you could:
a) install MySQL locally
b) run ghost install --db=sqlite3 to use sqlite
c) run ghost install local to get a development install using sqlite3.

Can I install it on Centos? I can’t find any more information about it

The only supported and tested systems are Ubuntu 16/18.

If you want to try anyway you can run ghost install --no-stack but you’ll be on your own if anything doesn’t work.

Will it have support for Centos and other systems in the future?

That was explained in the link I gave you.

I get it when try run ghost install --no-stack


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