Ghost competior for Jamstack

Don’t want to talk out of school - I am committed to Ghost and think it’s the best solution for a small to medium publication - but as a noob, I find transitioning to static sites complex.

So I came across Publii ( Static Site CMS & Generator for building Ultra-Fast and Secure Websites (

I looked at the docs and it looks like a strong competitor (except no membership support)

-it’s a desktop CMS
-strong on SEO
-convert to static without messing with SSGs

What do more experienced Ghost users think?

And are there third-party solutions evolving for converting Ghost sites to the Jamstack?

I mean Ghost does already work on the Jamstack :sweat_smile:

…with Gatsby:

…or Eleventy:

…or any SSG you wish:

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True, I just find the whole business of figuring an SSG to be daunting…but I will give it a try, thanks

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Also, didn’t realize today was the big day. The experts database might well solve my problems, congratz

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I have completely changed my mind on this…I don’t think any of the other open source or reasonably priced solutions come close to the sophistication and flexibility of Ghost…especially for organizing content



I really love Ghost. I’ve done projects with things like nuxtjs static sites and ended up just using ghost as a backend for them anyway :sweat_smile:

Ghost is great. :slight_smile: