Ghost on VPS - self hosted


I want to try selfhosting Ghost platform on Hostinger.
I am using DigitalOcean and there are all automated, and I want to try more afordable option, but it is no easy to configurate.

Need some guide…

This should help: How to install & setup Ghost on Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04

I believe Ghost needs to be hosted on a VPS with root access. So, a cheap DigitalOcean server is about as cheap as it gets.

The only way I know to make it cheaper it still host on DigitalOcean or another service like then, but add a few more sites there for friends, and charge them a little bit to share the hosting expenses. Indeed, it could become a win-win where they get a good deal and you make a small profit, but someone needs to be prepared to understand how to manage the Linux server and website hosting details.

I host in a Hostinger VPS, and it’s been good. You /do/ need a VPS plan, not one of the other plans they sell. Actually, I host in one of their old plans, not the new KVM plans they’re selling now. I’d expect those to work, but I’m not in one, so cannot say 100% for certain.

Hostinger’s VPS plans are pretty competitive with DO’s droplets, when you match specs, but DO has smaller plans available, and Hostinger’s plans only really get cheap when you commit for multiple years. (Still… I have 2 GB, 2 cores, 40GB disk, 2TB bandwidth for like $6/month, because I caught a good sale and prepaid for a couple years… hard to argue with that.)

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I suggest to everyone give a try to Hetzner, specially if you are on Europe or have plans to use a CDN for traffic outside EU.

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Check: Contabo🥇Cloud VPS & Dedicated Servers for a Price You'll Love
Then: Ghost CMS - Instalacja (Polish, You can use google translate)

After install You can edit themes or if you want just use ghost-cli and install it local ;)

Contabo… 4 vCPU / 6 GB RAM / 100 GB NVMe / ip v4 & v6 → €4.50/mo… that’s impressive.

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And it’s working really good.

If it’s small, go to PikaPods. $2 / month