Ubuntu Image Question

I was interested in using a service other than digitial ocean. Of course, digital ocean provides a preinstallation of ghost on their marketplace. I could also just download it myself, right?

I wanted to clarify that the preinstall on Dig Ocean is the same thing as if I just install ghost on Ubuntu myself using these steps: How to install & setup Ghost on Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04 … There is also a video here Installing Ghost on Ubuntu 20.04 - YouTube .

Also, I was looking at 1984hosting. When you register they give you a few service options to purchase. Would I want “Regular Hosting,” “Lite Hosting,” or “VPS”?

I think VPS is fine.

Thank you.

So from my research, the self-install steps are basically the same. You can change a few things. Fr example, you could install MariaDB instead of Mysql. Largely the same though.

I’m also pretty sure I should choose the VPS.