freezes firefox

Whenever I go to any url, (including this forum) using firefox 70 on linux, the site doesn’t render past the initial viewport view, and eventually freezes the tab such that I need to close it. There is no getting past this when it comes to using your documentation, or your website, or your forum.

Hi cdv — I’ve tested the locations you note with macOS + Firefox 70, and things look in order (just to add data to the situation.) Has your experience been unique to Ghost web sites, or does this happen elsewhere?

Also, do you have anything in place that might act as a “filter” for anything between your browser and the Ghost servers? (This might include browser extensions, or any non-standard filtering rules on your network/workstation.)

That’s definitely interesting ~ the forum runs an ember.js app (Discourse), and the Docs / Marketing site run a react app (Gatsby)

Members of the Ghost team use firefox on linux and as @vikaspotluri123 points out there’s nothing in common (except the domain) between the properties you mention.

I think this issue is probably specific to your setup.

Thanks for the replies everyone! I can’t quite track down the cause, but using a fresh profile seems to take care of the issue, so it’s definitely on my end. Sorry to bother you.

Hi cdv,

I have the same issue with /

I tried to create a new frefox profile but no change.

Do you have some hints?

using FF 72.0.1