Admin page stopped when I click "your profile" botton at safari

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Issue Summary

  • Explain roughly what’s wrong
    logged in my admin page “https://mydomain.tld/ghost” and I’m click my profile button at the left bottom at dashboard.
    I clicked “your profile” button to see my profile info. it works fine at first time.
    I closed the popup and clicked “your profile” button agiain, and whole site is stopped.
    no problem at Chrome, but only stopped at safari.

  • What did you expect to happen?
    I just want to see my profile info again…

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to https://yourdomain.tld/ghost at safari
  2. Click profile icon at the bottom left of the dashboard page
  3. Click “your profile” button
  4. Close the popup
  5. Click “your profile” button again

Setup information

Ghost Version

Node.js Version
self-hosting with docker

How did you install Ghost?
I’m using docker-compose file to install ghost with docker

Provide details of your host & operating system
Ubuntu 24.0 and using docker

Database type

Browser & OS version
Safari & Mac OS sonoma