Firefox rendering issues

Hi friends,

I recently migrate from v3 to v4 and I see that my posts are not looking good on Firefox.
I thought it was a migration issue. So I did a clean install of v4 without importing my posts. I still can see the ugly rendering of the default posts (Casper), so I bet the issue is not related to my posts or the migration.

Basically the text are like in plain format and lines start from the very left to the very right extremes of the screen.

No issues with Brave or Chrome. Things look pretty nice there. I am using Ubuntu.

I wonder if any of you is facing the same issue and if it can be solved somehow.

Here is my blog in case you’d like to have a look to my issue:

Thanks in advance for your answers.


On the flip side. I think my blog looks amazing in Firefox with clean crisp rendering. Do you have an example link to peek?

Added to the post. Thanks for notice it.