Ghost.Org - Homepage - Open Source?


I wanted to add couple of banners on the top section of my ghost blog to explain my products and memberships. The lyra theme is a little thin on the ability to explain my products to subscribers and how it works.

I really liked the homepage, which is beautifully laid out. Can I find the code for the homepage somewhere on github, so I can borrow some elements for my page?

I am using Lyra Theme, 3.19.1

Thanks !


I’m almost 100% certain that the website isn’t built with Ghost, it’s probably built with Ruby and CSS or something similar.

Ah, Is there a simple way to build this into your page?

If it was wordpress, it would be a trivial task but feels a little complicated for a first timer.

You can see the codes of ghost website top section using the inspector tool of browsers for idea. & Make it slightly different then Ghost website.there should be copyright issue not sure.

Hey there! Glad you like it, and appreciate the kind words - however the website is not open source, so we’d definitely appreciate it if you don’t re-use our design or our brand elsewhere :slight_smile:

It is built with Ghost though — all of is a custom front-end using Ghost as a headless CMS on the back end.

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Thanks @John

Didn’t mean to re-use the same design or anything close sourced, was looking for a template that we could modify.

How does the front end run, Gatsby or something similar?