Code for Adding an image + Text

I am trying to add an image + text on my lyra theme to explain my product, below the header on the lyra theme. Could anyone share code for adding this? The documentation and tutorials are very thin on information for a newbie to be able to do this.

Adding a Basic section like this will be helpful.

Hi @zen :wave:

This can be done by editing your theme, which you can download from the Design tab in Ghost admin. After that you’ll want to open your theme code in a code editor. If you’re wanting to add a section to the home page in Lyra then you’ll want to edit the index.hbs template, here’s a point of reference from the Lyra GitHub repo.

After you’ve added your section and made your changes you can zip the theme back up and upload it again to Ghost admin via the Design tab.

Does that make sense? Do you need any more information on how to make changes?

I am used to drag and drop builders like elementor on wordpress, so the level of difficulty seems enormous for this.

I havent never written code, so if there was like a library with basic elements such as Image + Text, Big Banner, thin banner etc it would be a lot simpler to customize for a new user. For now, if you could help me with some code and instructions for adding a section like the one I mentioned, I would be very thankful.

If you’re not comfortable with editing code then you might be better off asking for help from a developer to add what you want to your site. There are plenty of people here in the community who can offer their expertise :slight_smile:

Ok. Would a developer who knows JS/ Css+Html be able to help or would they have to know handlebar?

@zen somebody who knows html/css and JavaScript is probably fine. If they know handlebars it might be minimally helpful but the ghost handlebar helpers are unique enough and documented enough on the site on their own that pre-experience with handlebars shouldn’t be necessary.

(Speaking as a professional JavaScript developer whose been customizing my own theme on ghost).

Thanks Sunlanterns, really struggling with this to be honest.

Feels quite complicated for someone doing this for the first time…

@zen I do think ghost is aimed more at people who have a bit more developer experience than none at all. The positive side of it is that you can customize your theme a lot if you have that experience, which is why I decided to use it myself.

No judgement at all, and definitely not trying to convince you out of ghost, but I’m curious why you decided you wanted to go with ghost rather than something with drag and drop given you don’t have a developer background?

It has the basic functionality done very well for running a membership site. The integration are great as well.

Wordpress is slow and looks dated.

Those are the only reasons I want to move to ghost

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That totally makes sense. I haven’t looked into membership sites on CMS before, as that wasn’t what I was after for my site, so I wouldn’t have known that ghost is better at that than other similar platforms.

I wish you all the luck with finding someone to help you get your ghost site setup and working! Hope it goes well. :smile: