Ghost plugin for everyday academic writing ?!

Welcome guy,

First, thank you so much for your product, i really love the simplicity of the new Koenig editor.

I’m a researcher in social science -but this is also the case for hard science-, and i participate in a very huge community of everyday writers !

Actually i’m really disapointed by the lack of “scientific” plugins offered by Ghost. Without these native plugins, it’s totally impossible for me (and probably a lot of other academic people) to definitively jump from another blog platform to your great product :

  • latex mathematic formula parsing : mathjax formula directly into Koenig ?
  • bibliography parsing (bibtex .bib files), already existing in pure js (see pcooksey/bibtex-js project), gitbook ( see canadaduane/gitbook-plugin-bibtex-cite), wordpress (see bpiwowar/papercite) , jekyll (see inukshuk/jekyll-scholar) and probably others…
  • side comments : the hypothesis standard , already implemented in Wordpress - Hypothesis – Extension WordPress | Français -


So, perhaps we could open a issue on github for an external plugin to ghost ?