Ghost Podcast Subscription Offerings Via PayPal?

Has anybody in a part of the world where Stripe is not supported succeeded in using Ghost’s membership offering through some workaround, and/or is anybody currently using a subscription payments process that uses PayPal?

Context: The team at African Tech Roundup is poised to induct podcast subscription tiers, i.e. Freemium (offering access to freemium podcasts and email updates related to those), Premium (Freemium + at least two extra podcasts a month), and two Corporate Supporter tiers (for companies to support what we do by making monthly support contributions to our platform in exchange for supporter logo placement in our newsletters a la PodNews).

We were poised to run our subscription hustle on Patreon before deciding to give Ghost’s membership offering a shake (since our site is already hosted here). The plan is to move our podcasting hosting to Transistor, which promises utility that will complement to our Ghost membership plans. Our email list is currently managed on MailChimp, where we plan to keep it for the time being.

The Snag: Trouble is, we are based in South Africa (and Stripe isn’t available here). We’ve been trying to use Zapier to orchestrate a subscription process involving Ghost - PayPal - Transistor - MailChimp to no avail. Please help!