TransferWise × Ghost Members

Hi everyone, n00b here. Has anyone integrated with TransferWise for paid memberships? I’m not sure how to integrate them. Thanks! —Phil

Very good idea, I’m also curious about this integration!

Ghost Members beta uses Stripe to take payments from paying members, more info can be found in our documentation:

We highly recommend using Stripe for a subscription model, but other methods are possible

I’ve been working on an almost 6 mth old Ghost blog, but can’t offer readers native subscriptions because Stripe is not available in my country. :confused:

Hey @vanjungg, sorry but I should’ve stated that while paid Members within Ghost uses Stripe, other payment gateways are totally possible using either the Ghost API or by using Webhooks and Zapier.

Check out our Members docs where we show an example of this with Patreon:

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Nice @DavidDarnes. My experience would APIs and web hooks is near-zero. Has the team considered a guide to connecting TransferWise? They are certainly a kindred spirit to Ghost—design-forward and elegant.

Many thanks again! I didn’t want to sound pushy as I understand you guys have said this somewhere in the FAQ.

A one-place subscription control with the email newsletter feature would still be super helpful.

It helps reduce middle-men costs besides payment processing fees. And gives creators (like me) more peace of mind. I appreciate that.