Ghost portal membership not working

Hi all. I have fresh install ghost using bitnami in gcp. At this time, member portal setting wonderfully. But, when i after setup domain and ssl, member portal is not working. I can enable it from the admin menu but the customization page show white blank page. Anyone has the same problem with me? How could you solve that? Thanks

Hey @Kanda_Fajar :wave:

Can you share the output of your console? If you’re not sure how, here’s a guide to opening your browser console

hi vika. Thanks for responding. here is the screenshot of the console.

I wonder there is something missing in the url setting but i’m not sure either.

Thank you.

It looks like your URL is set as http://... instead of https://... which is creating issues.

You’ll need to update the url and restart ghost:

ghost config set url
ghost restart

i am deploying behind a reverse proxy.

atm there are issues setting up ghost with https for i get an EADDRINUSE error.

am i excluded from using portal?