So I Hit the Big Red Delete All Content Button and Now Portal Is Broken (I think?)

Hi all, I just got set up and I’m running Ghost 4.4.0 and Casper.

I hit the Delete all content button in labs, cuz I wanted to delete the initial example posts and whatnot quickly.

However, when I went to Portal in settings, whereas before there was some kind of signup button you could customize, now I just see blankness.

(where’d it go? :exploding_head:)
Is this the expected behavior? And what can I do to go Portal working again?

Ok I think I figured out what may be the actual issue. I think it has nothing to do with deleting all the content.

I went to the portal back on the back end and turned on Javascript Console in chrome, and got this:

I’m using CloudFlare in Flexible mode cuz that’s what I use for all my sites.

I tried setting the ghost URL to as recommended here:

but then the site won’t load at all and the browser says I got too many redirects

maybe there is some simple solution re: adding a page rule to cloudflare, or maybe i need to reconsider how I am handling my SSL

i wound up setting up ghost with the default SSL options (the Let’s Encrypt stuff), making sure my blog’s URL was set to in ghost (and NOT just http://), and then setting up a special page rule on the CloudFlare end so that my blog’s URL gets “Full” SSL (while leaving the other sites I have set to Flexible), and now the Portal stuff seems to work :raised_hands: