Ghost Posts API & Newsletters

Running Ghost 5.2.2 and using the Admin API to publish posts.

Alongside publishing the post via the API, I want it to send it out to a specified newsletter.

As far as I can tell from the Ghost documentation (Ghost Admin API Documentation) all I need to do is add ?newsletter={{newsletter-slug}} to the query string when I create the post. However it schedules the post, but doesn’t schedule/send the email.

Everything appears to be working well (in terms of scheduling and publishing posts), just not sending out the emails.

What am I missing?

Sample HTTPS request:

URL: {{website-url}}/ghost/api/admin/posts/?newsletter=default-newsletter&source=html

Method: POST

Body: {“posts”: [{“title”: “Title”,“status”: “scheduled”,“html”: “Content”,“published_at”: “2022-06-15T20:07:00.000Z”}]}


  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Authorization: Ghost {{token}}
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Did you succeed at this? I have the same problem…

Months later, but is there any updates on this? Similar problem.