Monthly newsletter with all published posts


I understand that it is possible to schedule a post and publish it as a newsletter. I publish 1 post per week.

Rather than sending a weekly mail to subscribers, I would like to send a monthly mail which includes previews to all published posts of the last month. Ideally the monthly mail is send automatically without requiring to set it up manually each month.

Is there any way how I can achieve this in Ghost and how?



Digest would be the right word. I am looking for a way to send out a regular digest mail that aggregates all posts. Is that possible?


I do this each week. Write some notes at the top, if you want, then insert (one at a time) the URLs for the stories you want to include. Each one will be turned into a preview block. Easy-peasy.

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@ d92008: Yes, I saw this already in the backend but it seems to be only possible to schedule and send the blog posts to subscribers at once and not summarize multiple scheduled within one newsletter that is sent out automatically on a regular basis.

@ BruceInLouisville: If the preview block is automatically fetched, then this would make it very easy indeed. I have to try it out. Even better would be if I can automate the mailings but that doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment ;-)

As far as I know there’s no way to automate this at the moment.