Sending some posts as a newsletter

Hi, I understand there are options to turn off automatic sending of all posts to newsletters. I found that in the screenshot I attached. It says “newsletters are off for new posts but can be enabled when needed”. I dont see how to enable that. When I publish, the option to send as a newsletter is grayed out. Do I have to do that in this section each time before I publish a post to send via email?

Leave that slider on. When you go to publish a post, you’ll see your options, and one of them will say publish. If you click it, you can choose publish and enroll instead.

It’s not as obvious as it could be that that’s a setting, not just a display item. :)

Should the option be “all members” then in this case?

I’m not sure you’re at the right screen - it’s the one where you confirm that you want to publish…