Ghost (pro) as native app, How to integrate Stripe subscription with in-app-purchases?

Ghost uses Stripe for membership, how does that integrate into in-app-purchases on iOS / Android?

I understand that iOS will take a 30% first year, (15% subsequent years) cut of revenue for in-app-purchased subscriptions while requiring that no links to Portal are displayed in the app … I had thought Android didnt impose any restrictions and people could just using the Ghost Portal for the ecomm, but I see Google has its own In-app-purchase and potentially its own restrictions/requirements …

… but how would in-app-purchase users get to be known to Ghost? At some point user data has to get to Stripe - and the Ghost API but how?

On the Stripe marketplace site, they appear to be pushing a 3rd party solution called RevenueCat . Further I have seen some material from Adaptly that also looks promising. Does anyone have experience with either?

I want to believe that using either will not effect the behavior of the Ghost Admin API, which we use to programmatically lookup users by email address, but in the case of RevenueCat, you have to migrate your users to it, so potentially may require other code changes (to code that verifies subscriptions) unless the Ghost Admin API handles this transparently.

I sure would like to know from others who have traversed this before, or have dealt with something similar, how can a Ghost site wrapped (and extended) as a native app manage subs while using Apple and Google in-app-purchasing?