Ghost Pro charging change

Ghost Pro charges per member account. A very simple metric, which I appreciate.

However, the value of a newsletter is a combination of free subscribed accounts (which you can market to for various purposes), or paid accounts (revenue).

The problem is that I have approximately zero value in non-subscribed free accounts, and yet Ghost charges for them.

What that means is that I’m encouraged to regularly create a complex (and dangerous, because I’ve more than once almost deleted paid accounts) search on my member accounts, and delete/archive those zero value free accounts. This avoids me paying for valueless customers. But it also annoys me, and puts my account at risk regularly to avoid unnecessary charges.

Suggestion: Ghost Pro should do one of two things.

Preferred option: Don’t charge for free, unsubscribed accounts. They are a miniscule bit of metadata, which couldn’t possibly add up to a meaningful amount of expense. Just ignore them in your charging calculations.

Second option: Create a button to “clean database”, which would automatically delete those who are (never paid + not currently subscribed + haven’t logged in for a few months).

Hey, have you found a solution to auto delete free members who unsubscribe from all emails? I too would like to auto delete free members who unsubscribe from all emails.

I’ve thought about but haven’t looked to see if it’s possible yet that I could possibly create a zap where new row to a spread sheet is the trigger, and then the action ( if possible would be delete ghost member) and what I would do is once a month I would go and export all the members who are free members but unsubscribed to all emails and paste them into zapier to run. Sure it’s not automated but it at the very least would be a quick and simply 5 min task instead of needing to manually export the data and see who these valueless members are and manually delete them. If that’s the only solitons that’s what I will do.

If over night all free unsubscribed members were deleted I bet they would see a 10% rev drop immediately, but I feel customer growth and most importantly customer retention would offset that 10% by far.

What I will do until I find the best solutions is right before I am about to hit the next tier where I’m forced to upgrade because of the number of members that is when I will go through and manually delete them if I have to. I’d much rather spend a couple hours every few months ensuring my data is squeaky clean rather than my metrics being garbage by looking at stats for free member conversions from marketing campaigns because they’re not factoring those who opted out of all emails. My solution just to glance and see the numbers is having 1 newsletter they’re auto signed up for that’s kinda hidden called “Update” and I hardly ever send emails from it, Vs all my other newsletters that they select to opt into. And I cross reference the number of members signed up for those news letters Vs the hidden one that they automatically get signed up for. And that tells me roughly within a couple of % of how many members I have giving me 0 value.

Ghost admin if you read this! Please add a toggle button in admin portal that says “turn on to automatically delete free me members who automatically unsubscribe from all newsletters after 7 days”. This should be a free option for all of us!