Ghost Pro charging change

Ghost Pro charges per member account. A very simple metric, which I appreciate.

However, the value of a newsletter is a combination of free subscribed accounts (which you can market to for various purposes), or paid accounts (revenue).

The problem is that I have approximately zero value in non-subscribed free accounts, and yet Ghost charges for them.

What that means is that I’m encouraged to regularly create a complex (and dangerous, because I’ve more than once almost deleted paid accounts) search on my member accounts, and delete/archive those zero value free accounts. This avoids me paying for valueless customers. But it also annoys me, and puts my account at risk regularly to avoid unnecessary charges.

Suggestion: Ghost Pro should do one of two things.

Preferred option: Don’t charge for free, unsubscribed accounts. They are a miniscule bit of metadata, which couldn’t possibly add up to a meaningful amount of expense. Just ignore them in your charging calculations.

Second option: Create a button to “clean database”, which would automatically delete those who are (never paid + not currently subscribed + haven’t logged in for a few months).