Ghost Search not working after adding CSS

Well, I have tried lots of Ghost Search. None of them are working after adding CSS.

Tried these:

Hi @mcnaveen, could you be a bit more clear in steps you took to implement these? Do you mean you added CSS and they then stopped working?

Well, I’m facing some weird issue. I’m using Casper theme.
I added disqus comments code to Post.hbs file and restarted ghost multiple time. Still changes are not applying. I think is causing the issue with my above query also. Tried Empty Cache and Hard reload in browser also. Still no luck.

I have followed this tutorial

Ah I see, thanks. Are you seeing any errors when you open the browser console? I’m happy to take a look if you want to send me the site url :slight_smile:

Well, Sent the URL in DM. Thanks.

{{!-- and --} I Pasted everything inside these. Which made the Script as Comment.