Ghost SEO Wishlist

I love Ghost, I think is great for SEO so I think with these suggestions it can become even better. Here’s my little wish list:

  1. Internal linking: It would be beneficial to have a feature that allows searching and linking to other articles in the website within the editor without having to navigate away from it.
  2. FAQ and Review: It would be convenient to have these integrated directly into the snippet feature or the meta data section for ease of use.
  3. Html sitemap: It would be beneficial to have the option to automatically generate and update an HTML sitemap in addition to the XML sitemap, as suggested by Kyle Roof, a well-known SEO expert.
  4. Postal address schema and phone number schema: To increase Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) factors, it would be useful to have the option to add these in the meta data section of the settings, as suggested by Kyle Roof.

I would love for @Ghost to allow input for both global site and individual pages and posts. For instance, I would like to have an AboutPage for a Person schema for one of the pages, and then FAQs for another page. By default, Ghost categorizes all pages as Articles, which is not appropriate from schema perspective.

And so, it would be great to allow creators to choose what kind of page they are creating. It could be a simple drop-down/check-box on the side of the post/page.

Just one of my many wishes :)

You can do the FAQ with HTML in every page, and then create a snippet for future use. For schema I suggest you injecting the json script.

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Thanks @block @ghost

Although it would be possible to achieve this with coding, it becomes very arduous for people (like me) who have no prior coding background. So this means, I have to engage in extensive search online which is very time-consuming and often confusing. Not to mention, this may not be the best/systematic way to integrate schema markup, which may end up hurting the site and it’s presence online.

SEO is a crucial part of any website, and so having native schema markup would be so beneficial for all users. It would be great to be able to pick schema type for each page/post. For instance, About Page, Contact Page, FAQ Page, etc (because not every page on a website is an Article).

Keeping my fingers crossed that @Ghost team looks into it :slight_smile: