Ghost Shopping Cart

I’m considering selling non-material products on my blog, like files, documents, photos to download for a fee.

Can you recommend me some “shopping cart” to be implemented on Ghost?

On Web I did not find much compatible and “easy” to implement.

A solution could be Snipcart, but they take enough on each transaction, and I do not think there is a solution to sell non-material products.

Do you have any solution or advice, someone uses something like that on your blog GHOST?

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Nobody is selling Digital Goods from Ghost Blog?

I need some advice, I tried some services that are implemented without too much difficulty but the user once he bought the asset, it is mandatory redirected to the site of the service provider to download the file.

You might want to try Paddle. We use it on our Ghost website and they are amazing.

Thanks, now I try it

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