Sell items online with a starter plan

Hello, please can anyone help me? If I sign up for a starter plan, can I sell items on my website? I would like to open a small online shop together with a blog. Thank you.


Not as far as I know, no. All that’s supported by Stripe is subscription payments (blog).

For selling items you would need a custom post type and payment associated with that.

A work-around would be to use a PayPal generated button and inserting that button into a post using the HTML card.

Ghost is meant for publishing, so if your primary use-case is a store for selling physical products, then you’ll be better off looking for alternative solutions.

If you simply want to sell a few physical/digital items alongside your blog/membership website, then you could do what mentioned re: PayPal buttons or — even simpler — set up a Gumroad store and link to it from the blog’s nav.

Again, there are ways to accomplish both, though think about what you want to accomplish. It’s hard to make suggestions unless you provide more clarity about what you want to accomplish. Ghost is very flexible, but it’s also very specific.