Simple e-commerce type page for ghost?

No idea if this is even possible but here goes. I use a couple of print-on-demand services to make and deliver merch for my brand (Printify and Printful). Right now these two vendors are scattered across two different store pages (Printify offers it’s own basic store page on it’s platform, Printful uses Etsy).

Does ghost offer the ability to have a “store” page and list some merch? Is there a guide to making that work? I don’t sell a lot of merch but I’d like to keep people on platform as much as I possibly can.

So your simply stated question is in fact quite complex and part of it involves two services that I know nothing of and, of course, I don’t know your business model.

Not being snippy, just getting my own excuses in before a couple of ideas.

And Ghost isn’t designed to be a storefront, so in terms of what’s built in, even though it is integrated with Stripe and does indeed sell products paid for through Stripe (subscriptions), that is done through Portal which is bespoke to how Ghost ‘does’ subscriptions.

I have two suggestions:—

  1. Whilst I have not used this, consider ‘Snippy’ which provides a method of offering a storefront on Ghost — in fact it works through links to a service and works with any website. So, here’s an explainer with the info needed to explore the possibility of using it to create what you need:- Ecommerce Integration for Ghost in 10 Minutes - Snipcart and here’s the Ghost page on how to set it up:- Official Ghost + Snipcart Integration

  2. Contact @Cathy_Sarisky who was working on this a while ago, but it looks like it’s on the back-burner just now. She does all sorts of Ghost contract work and may be able to work with you to get closer to what would be a satisfying solution. Here’s her announcement on the forum What I'm working on - eCommerce within Ghost and her blog post about it A shopping experience for Ghost

Thanks for the tag, Coolcmsc. Sorry that the demo is offline - I needed the space for other stuff.

JD, since when your customers place an order you need something to happen (printing on demand, shipping, etc), I’d look at either linking to the services’ pages or else see if either one offers embed code that could be put in an HTML card. If you want more integration, you could certainly create blog posts in Ghost that feature your work, but I’d have the links to order go to the service provider, rather than trying to roll your own.