Do we have any Ghost templates built with Gatsby?



We have Casper of course for handlebars. I’m wondering if someone has built a Ghost theme built with new Gatsby.js frontend SDK.

I can’t think of something else since I’ve accessed to new Ghost Docs n that’s awesome BTW.

Will there be an official theme for Ghost (like Casper) based on Gatsby.js?



We’re working on some official starters and themes, yep :slight_smile: more news soon


Awesome! Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:


What is the advantage of GatsbyJs compared to Handlebar? And why are you thinking of using it?


When it comes to Gatsby it’ll be a nice web app instead of a regular website that reload on each click. Also, it is blazing fast, take a look at the Ghost Documentation yourself. The development is also modular as far as my knowledge, so It’ll be so light. :slight_smile:


Very interesting, I can not wait :slight_smile:


Is the search engine on the documentation page made with Gatsby?


Search is handled by Algolia


I’m a bit displeased, it costs a little too much


Algolia offers a free tier as well


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