Ghost theme local development workflow: how to preview page without uploading to Ghost?

I have yarn and gulp working to refresh the assets on the Casper. Right now I am uploading the zipped assets to an installation to preview my changes which is pretty inefficient. Is there a recommended way to feed data into the templates locally to preview them to speed up this feedback loop?

I tried creating an html file and importing the relevant .hbs files that I want to test but I’m having issues with jQuery getting it to render the compiled template html. I’m wondering if there a solution out there for this so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel…


You can setup local server and install ghost on it to run your modified theme.

Here you can use this guide and do your thing easily. Thanks me later when you done.

Do you upload the theme via Admin Panel or is there a better way?

i’m uploading from adminpanel.

Ghost gets its theme list from the content/themes folder of your admin panel. You can place the theme you’re working on in that folder and run gulp to auto-build assets. From there, most of the changes will be picked up by Ghost. You might need to restart ghost if a change is not being picked up, but otherwise, the process is pretty painless

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ah yes, it seems that is documented here.