How to run (Casper theme) development server locally?

Hi all! I am new in Ghost and I am trying to edit a customized casper theme. The casper theme was built from the master file. I took over this existing project from downloading the zip file of installed theme from Ghost dashboard. I want to run the development server locally. In the root folder I ran yarn dev . the output is:

    yarn run v1.22.4
    warning casper@2.10.1: The engine "ghost" appears to be invalid.
    warning casper@2.10.1: The engine "ghost-api" appears to be invalid.
    $ gulp
    [16:45:37] Using gulpfile ~/Documents/17goalsmagazine/casper_seventeengoals/gulpfile.js
    [16:45:37] Starting 'default'...
    [16:45:37] Starting 'css'...
    Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run next command `yarn upgrade`
    [16:45:37] Finished 'css' after 858 ms
    [16:45:37] Starting 'js'...
    [16:45:37] Finished 'js' after 65 ms
    [16:45:37] Starting 'serve'...
    [16:45:37] Finished 'serve' after 3.58 ms
    [16:45:37] Starting 'cssWatcher'...

after that nothing happened. How can I launch the development server with all the assets?

Hey @gugiguger, if you’re doing local theme development you’ll want to place the theme in the /content/themes/ directory of your Ghost install. That way you’ll be able to work on it directly and see the changes happen on your development site. More info can be found here:

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot! I just understood the logic of installing ghost in empty folder instead installing in my theme folder… my mistake.

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