Ghost to start from iOS Homescreen

Good day,

I use Ghost to create a business blog. The posts are designed as evergreen content, which should become a great reference work over time.

They can be sorted and flagged by user.

More than 60% of the users use mobile devices, so this is a big focus in the development of the blog.

Now, on both iOS and Android, there is a function that allows you to launch a website directly from the homescreen without a browser. This also works for Ghost. This makes Ghost feel like a real iOS app.

For iOS, you need a framework in the theme that you have to connect, for Android this is done by default.

Unfortunately, the problem with iOS is that you can’t activate the homescreen instance because Ghost doesn’t work with username and password, but only with username and email. Since the email arrives in the browser, but not in the instance on the homescreen, there is no way to ever activate it and link it to a user.

Is it possible to activate Ghost with username and password instead of username and email? That would solve the problem.

Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards Andy