iOS Native App?

Love the windows and mac applications! Is there an iOS native app coming? Would be very interested.

Hey @bishop! It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying Ghost. Sadly we haven’t made huge progress with a native iOS app, we build in the open so you can follow the progress on GitHub

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@bishop there is an App on iOS called “Publication” and it kinda works, depending on where your Blog is hosted.

I prefer to write my Text in “iA Writer” and after finishing/correction, export it to wherever. Works like a charm, at least for me. :grinning:

2 Likes added Ghost support too. Works like a charm for me. :)


Thank you! I’ll keep an eye on the repo :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys, I wanted to see if there was any update on the iOS app timeline? I noticed the last reply to this thread was in 2019, so I am hoping you guys may have made some progress!

I have several Ghost sites now and I am considering buying Ulysses. However, it is a lot of money for me, and I would have preferred a native iOS app.

One other thing, if anyone has bought Ulysses, I assume it supports multiple Ghost blogs at the same time, right?

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It does, yes.

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