Ghost update frequency

Ghost gets a lot of updates.
I self host Ghost on Heroku.
Is it a good strategy to update my Ghost instance on major point releases? 1.24,1.25,1.26 etc…
Otherwise, I could be updating my blog every few days…

Also, are there any plans for updating Ghost from the admin panel?

Depends on your needs, I’m going to update every real major release 1.0, 2.0, and so on… If you have free time, then update daily :smiley: , but it’s also more risk for failure. Up to you.

@ afern247
I see your point…but why don’t the devs slow down a bit and just release at a less frantic pace?
OK if you are at the price point with auto updates but a bit of a pain to update frequently if you self host.

They don’t release at a less frantic pace because usually they fix small bugs. You don’t need to upgrade your Ghost everytime they make a small change. It depends what features do you need. If you have a version like 1.21 you don’t need to upgrade to 1.25, unless you find something that you need in there. You could update like every 3 months and when a major release comes. From 1.0 to 2.0, etc.

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Like @HauntedThemes was saying, they fix little bugs, besides, it’s all in your mind that you have to be on the latest update jeje, the same happens to me. Just wait for the new big release :slight_smile:

The minor version update cycle is once per week. I update weekly, but you could follow a more loose update path and only update monthly or once every 3 months as suggested above. I believe you could also automate the updates and have them send you a notification if anything goes wrong.

Thanks all for the feedback.
I will be a little bit more ‘chilled’ about my update frequency…:sunglasses:

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