Ghost uses invalid url when used HTTPS


I’m trying to setup Ghost in our subdirectory, here is the Ghost setup that I used:

{url: "", server: {host:}}

The Server IP is, and when I try to run curl http//, here is the response:

Moved Permanently. Redirecting to https//

Also curl https// returns the same response. However when I used the following config:

{url: "", server: {host:}}

Ghost runs correctly and http// redirects to http//

Is it a bug or how should I configure the Ghost configs to make my blog available at https//

BTW I’m using Docker Ghost image and I expect curl http// to redirect to https//

P.S: I used https// in my URLs because the forum doesn’t allow me to post more than 3 links in a post.


I’m still not able to solve the issue, is there anything that I’m missing?


As mentioned in our docs and elsewhere: The docker image is an unofficial community project. You’re very welcome to use it, but there’s nobody on the Ghost core team who uses or supports it. Posting here is fine, but you’re a lot less likely to find someone who is able to help you. You might have better luck solving Docker issues in a Docker community or forum.


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