Setting url env. var as https address redirects to localhost


Hello. As the title states, I got trouble with a latest ghost fresh install.
With my docker run command being:
docker run --restart="always" -e url= -e GHOST_URL= -e NODE_ENV=production --name blog -p 2368:2368 -v /srv/httpd/ZeroBlog/ghostblog/content/:/var/lib/ghost/content -d ghost
everything runs smoothly (except for a mixed content issue which then leads to the browser not showing posts thumbnails)
So I got suggested to set https url in the env var, but as far as I change the docker run command to:
docker run --restart="always" -e url= -e GHOST_URL= -e NODE_ENV=production --name blog2 -p 2368:2368 -v /srv/httpd/ZeroBlog/ghostblog/content/:/var/lib/ghost/content -d ghost (simply added an s to make it https)
It becomes impossibile to visit the site, as i get redirected to

here’s my blog:
ghost 2.14 (latest)
running under docker, nginx frontend


Hey @Morrolinux! Ghost team doesn’t support any docker images. Depending on which docker image you are running, would suggest opening an issue in the repository for the image itself :wink:


So… here’s the repo but I don’t see any “issue” section to open a ticket (?)
Besides, this really looks like a ghost-side issue to me, given that the docker part seem to be working fine.

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